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When you’re ready to increase your mass and improve your physique, we’re here to help you access guidance and support.


If you’re ready to optimise your workouts with a healthier mindset and techniques, we encourage you to get in touch with our supportive team. Our doctors are able to consult with you on you medical status, requirements and help you find an approach that suits you best.


If you’re looking to increase your muscle growth and improve strength, whether for competitive bodybuilding or to achieve a personal physique goal, we’re always ready to help support your goals. Our dedicated research and product development team continue embrace all needs of our clients’, delivering guidance that embraces all fitness levels. Email us at [email protected] for more information on our services and prescribed products.

1. Fast Assessment

Because of industry regulations, we require you to fill out a quick health assessment online, before accessing our platform. You can find the form Here .

2. Instant Store Access

After you have filled out the assessment, you can access our platform using a your specific password and username. You’ll then be taken through to the many options we have available to you. However, we always encourage you to get in touch for a consultation about your needs. Your log in details are also emailed to you

3. Safe & Secure Checkout

Check out using our safe and secure payment gateway. Product shipping is included in the ‘Mandatory Prescription, Consumables & Shipping.’ You can find out more about that in our FAQ section

To complete the simple medical questionnaire, please click on the “Online Assessment” button below
Send us an message below with your questions

To receive further information and prices of Peptides You will need to complete a simple online medical questionnaire. This is a legal requirement due to the regulation of Peptides in Australia. We cannot legally advertise specific Peptides to the general public without first ascertaining you are over 18 years of age and have submitted the required medical records.

All medical information is confidentially stored on our medical database.

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